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The world's leading authority forhighly purified enzymes and proteins for use in the medical diagnostic field . . .

For over 12 years we have offered quality, highpurity enzymes for research, industry and manufacuring. Our catalog outlines over 200 products manufactured in our facilities.

The following is a quick overview of our productsand services:


Used in a wide variety of applications from cancer detection to carpet cleaning. We specialize in very high purity material used in the manufacture of medical test kits. Some of the most popular items include Peroxidase (horseradish), Glucose Oxidase & Catalase (Aspergillus niger), Trypsin (pancreas), Alkaline Phosphatase (various sources), Ascorbate Oxidase (squash) and many, many more.


Used as testing standards, calibration agents and as electrophoresis markers. We offer many specialty proteins not offered anywhere else in the world. We produce crude acetone powders from virtually any source as well as an extensive line of human source proteins.Included are Ferritin (various sources), Hemoglobin (various sources), Lysozyme (chicken egg), Avidin (chicken egg) and many others.


Salts and other biochemicals used for enzyme assays. Not as extensive as our other products lines but just as important. A small sample includes Glucose-6-phosphate, Glucose-1-phosphate, Trehalose, starch products and other various salts.

Custom & Bulk Purification

We are a full-service laboratory specializing in bulk purification. Contact us with your special purification needs.

Horseradish roots grown in the USA for the production of Calzyme's peroxidase

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