Shredding, Yes, But Was Anyone Talking?
by herm 'scoop' toba

The SLO Gazette is proud to report on the world premier of the Shedder's Happy Hour Chat. These computer-side chats can be found at (if this makes any sense) or check out the Shredder's Chat webpage. Just forget about Netscape Chat, sux.

Finding this little chat session is not as simple as it seems. Usually with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you can connect to any server and join chat channels that are shared with most of the other IRC servers connected to the internet. I popped into Best Internet's server in the Bay Area...but no one was there. I tried Eskimo's server and again, no one was there. Well, if all else the directions. So I discovered the New Times' server and made a connection. *Whew!*

I popped into the channel to find about 14 people there. I thought, oooh, this is gonna be good! The Shredder (in 127 character glory) was there, and soyboy of studio G, and jeke and DarC. At least those were the few chatting. I was greeted by the Shredder and soyboy and watched the conversation. Repeated attempts were made to uncover the true identity of the Shredder irl (in real life). Male, physics student, had a date and not Glen Starkey (as soy found out) were really the only clues.

The other 10 people or so didn't have much to say or they were still working on asdfjkl-semicolon. It was too bad. The real excitement (which could only happen in Mayberry) was the 'shredding' of the usual dribble that will invade any chat group. But wouldn't you know it...he was in the same computer lab, sponsored by, for people to gain access. So, the Shredder booted him outta the channel and dmccaleb booted him out of the lab. Try that in IRC!

Then a cry went out to us to tell the Shredder our controversies. Wow...whatta opportunity, I thought. But I was unprepared and needed to go to work. So the real juice will have to wait...but maybe until next week. It was about that time the plug was pulled anyway and the New Times' server ceased to be.

Overall, it was pretty typical. Annoying individuals, lots of greetings and nonsensical chatter and then, when it comes down to it no one has much to say. Unfortunately, New Times' server does not work with other IRC servers around the world and can only be reached via and only on Fridays from 5 to 6. The scheduling is perhaps at one of the busiest times irl and on the internet. Okay, there was enough hand holding the first day. Consider it orientation. I will continue to watch and prepare for the days to come.

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