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BLACKIE - One of the finest felines I have yet to meet. Blackie was a victim of tragedy when his human's boat and their home sank. A boat builder by trade he also lost his tools. Since then he had been forced to life in his car. We scooped up Blackie while he was walking across the William's Bros. parking lot. His human stepped out of the car and asked politely what we were doing with his cat. After a couple of days we agreed to foster Blackie ourselves. His human made frequent visits but I have not seen him for over a year. He will jump on to your shoulder from the ground with a little coaxing and is very keen on fish and cheese...also being hand fed. . blackie

blackie lounging

Blackie is probably the smartest cat I have. One of the few times we were forced to but Blackie in another foster home....(abiet one of the work judgement calls which caused the irresponsible death of two other cats)...we decided to go out and look for him after the other two had died. We spied a house across the street with three other cats...all long hair and black. Playing a hunch we knocked on the door. The elderly woman (who was sympathetic at our poor choice in foster homes) explained she hadn't seen him. That's when her husband came to the door with Blackie in his arms. He had been temporarily dubbed Nacho (for Not-chyo-House).

Although a very difficult decision, Blackie was the obvious one to be adopted. I did not necessarily have the means to deal with so many cats. Now Blackie lives with my friend Michelle and her family. He has e-mail forwarding.

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