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LOU (DE DOO) - Named after Mr. Ferigno, he is a mercy rescue from the county shetler. He is both long and broad with very stubby legs. His large head with developed jowls makes me believe he was neutered later in life. He also suffers from a large hernia or callous on his left side and has quite the lumpy appearance. He came from the shelter after having a little, girl human. Unfortunately, she had fallen ill and could not keep him. Being a large, somewhat homely and nondescript cat he would not last long, eventhough he was neutered. People generally adopt kittens. lou

lou lounging

Lou if very particular about being clean and washes contantly the best he can. His girth and injury makes it difficult. He is territorial and intimidating to other cats. He is a big marshmallow and would rather hide. He is excellent with Patch and Sue cleaning them roughly as male cats sometimes do. He is expressive with his voice and purr. He likes to sleep under the covers on cold nights and have his head scratched.

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