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PATCH - A stout and hardy brindle tabby born to an elusive, yet well-cared for female living at the local electric shop across from the lab. I used to see his mother scooting across the parking lot to drink from the outflow from the lab's ice machine. We trapped both Patch and his sister at about 10 months and 'detained' them due to a condition with their eyes. Both siblings had their left eye clouded over probably caused by a short weaning period and eating garbage from the dumpster outside a commercial kitchen. Human food does not generally have taurine, an essential amino acid in the development of felines. Unfortuantely, the female was too wild to handle...she espcaped and lived feral for about two years and has since disappeared to a unknown demise. patch


Patch, on the other hand seemed to be fairly open to humans, but extremely scared. After being neutered and an additional operation to remove the useless eye he hid in his cage. I only saw the tips of his ears and his one eye peeking out from his bed. He was a special project for me and eventually I gained his trust. He has since filled out some but never got much bigger due to the poor nutrition in his early life. He is very spoiled and whines when he wants something....yes, he is my kid. He now enjoys brief sojourns in the backyard where he acts like a goat and eats grass in the sun.

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