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SUE - My only female is a gorgeous golden tabby with a coat that should be envied by all the other cats in the 'hood. Runaround was the product of humans thinking they know best and not knowing anything at all. Her mother (Nala) was a beautiful, Maine Coonish golden tabby. Her human/foster home at the time decided she should show her kids the facts of life through this animal. We did what we could to dissuade her but no....she was determined and pledged to place all the kittens in proper home *after* being fixed. Biology took its course and a litter of 6 was born. The human freaked out and the kittens came back to the house. Nala was a champion mother an raised her kids and proved to be an excellent suragate mother, too. lovely sue

sue lounging

However, there was one silly kitten that would always run away from us, even at just a couple weeks. In fact, we handled her so little that we thought it was a boy. After the appointment for the neuter turned into a spay the name Runaround Sue followed. This has taken the most work out of any cat to build a trusting relationship. She is a cat's cat and is Patch's best playmate. They both got cheated out of a real kittenhood, but humans are out of the question. She is still somewhere in domestication limbo. She will not let me hold her and will hide under the bed if anyone comes over but knows the sound of my Swiss army knife opening a can (of anything)...you make the call.

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