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We all find kooL places around the internet that we think are neato, and thus the overabundance of 'links' pages. So we add them to the browser's bookmark list that scrolls for seven or eight screens. Oh well, I'm not any different. Here's a few of my favorites and a couple of my hangouts....who knows, you might even be able to find me... Check back, too...I'll be updating frequen....wait! i have no time for this...onwawrds!
The first thing is an unabashed, commercial for the provider and maintainer of this server and website and my keeper, studio G, home of the mighty Electropolis.

If you are looking for me or IF MY PHONE IS BUSY I might be one of many places. Foothills is a "talker" that requires a telnet helper application

**please attempt to cope NOW**

You'll probably find me in my cave or at the hilltop kinda creatchin. If the words telnet application sound completely foriegn you can visit their webpage for more information. Another haunt is webmonkey, which if you're not already reading....well, where HAVE you been on the internet?

okay.... here's some chage: hermLinks for the new millenia!

Like I said...keep checking back for changes (but don't expect any) and drive safely out there.

...or e-mail me with your link to add...

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