Ravenswoods "Zinfandel" 1991

Founded In 1976, Ravenswood Is a small winery nestled in a secluded, quiet, wooded valley just north of San Francisco, in Cainomia's Sonoma Valley. Wine production is presently In the 90,000 case range, most of which is red and robust. Zintandel, Ravenswood's most renowned variety, comprises 60%. of total production. Individual vineyard designates, such as Old Hill Ranch, are the crown jewels in the Zinfandal repertoire. Robert Parker acknowledges "the problem with the single-vineyard Zinfandels is that there are more customers than wine" The Ravenswood wines possess unique vintage and vineyard identity In addition to the Intense, powerful character which the wine has come to be associated. These attributes arise from stubborn and impractical Old World oenological practices. The wines ferment in small wooden tanks, relying on wild, natural yeasts. Occasionally, grape stems are added for structure.

During fermentation, the cap of the skins Is punched by hand three to five times per day, extracting maximum flavors from the fruit. The wine is aged in small French oak barrels, fined gently with egg whites, eschewing filters and centrifuges to the extent possible, so as not to diminish flavor. The wines are well-suited to aging, although most are drunk young and greedy by people who love big, gutsy, unapologetic) wines.

Robert Parker states: "There is no fast-food-processing wine approach at Ravenswood. The results are among the most individualistic, splendidly rich, and delicious wines made on earth."

Ravenswood Vineyards
Zinfandel Sonoma Valley

Old Hill Vineyard-1991
Limited Edition-725 cases

Picking date: Oct. 8, 1993

Vine age: Approx. 110 years.


"The 1991 ZINFANDEL OLD HILL... Gets my nod as potentially one of the two finest Zinfandels Ravenswood has produced. R exhibits an opaque purple color, and a huge, peppery, black raspberry-scented nose with subtle oak in the background. In the mouth, R Is pure decadence- rich, fabulously concentrated, expressive and chewy. Layer upon layer of black raspberry fruit coats the palate with glycerin and alcohol. This Is a fabulous Zinfandel for drinking now and over the next 12-15 years. Saturated ... seductive ... a 95 rating." Ref. Parker. PARKER'S WINE BUYER'S GUIDE- 3rd Ed.

Mr. Parker's comments have been exported from his 3rd Edition Wine Buyers guide, and shall not be construed as an endorsement of Klein's Designs or any of its products. Mr. Parker has not given his permission to Klein's Designs for the use of his writings. SK.

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