How To Join Our Artisans On The Web

Who you need to be:

Anyone selling miniatures in one, one half or one quarter inch scale are welcome.
Ongoing costs:
Monthly server fee:
$30.00 per artisan.
Page changes:
Charged at $25.00 per hour (a lot of changes can be made in one hour)
One time costs:
Page design:
This is the big expense, a single page with 6-8 pictures will cost $100.00 (This "one page" will include a printable orderform page). From there prices go up, there is no limit to how many pages you have, as long as they all deal with miniatures.
Order form activation:
What you need:
Photos of your work and text describing what is for sale, what sizes they are and what the items costs.
What I need:
You to send me the items listed above plus a check for $100.00. Once I am done with the page design you will be billed the monthly fee plus the one time order form activation fee, then your site will be mounted.
What you ought to have:
A computer + Internet access with an e-mail account.
You can be on our site without this, I will them receive your e-mail and forward it to you as snail-mail. I will charge $1.00 per order forwarded.
How to contact me:
Snail mail:
Lars Mikkelsen
PO Box 355
Santa Margarita, CA 93453
Phone: 805-438-3949

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